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Consumer credit counseling is a two part process.

First, a credit counselor will meet with you to review your situation. They need to understand what you own, who you owe money to, and what you earn and spend each month. It may be possible for the counselor to work with you and deal with your financial problems through budgeting and other procedures you can do on your own.

Next, they will help you with Credit & Debt Counseling, which may include negotiating on your behalf directly with your creditors. This is also known as Debt Management Credit Counseling because they use a debt management plan to make the plan directly with your creditors.

There are different types of Credit Counseling Services. There are Non Profit Credit Counseling Services, and even Christian Credit Counseling organizations.

Finally, a number of Debt Consolidation Credit Counseling services exist.

As a consumer, before you decide on credit counseling, be sure you understand what will happen at your credit counseling sessions, and what you will be required to pay for the services.

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