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Non Profit Credit Counseling - Is It Just A Waste of Money?


By Mike Singh

If you have ever found yourself in hard financial times, and feel that perhaps you need credit counseling one of the best ways to save money would be through nonprofit credit advice. Many times people will seek counseling, only to find that they are going to pay a rather large sum of money to get their debt cleared up.


There are many credit counselors on the market that can offer you guidance and ways to get yourself back on the right track as far as finances are concerned however, there are many of these institutions that charge quite a large fee to get you established.

This in all intensive purposes, defeats the thought process that you will be saving or managing your money better when you have to pay a large fee to the counselor.

This is where nonprofit credit counseling comes into play, there are no fees, or at least very minimal fees attached to the service provided. If you would have to pay a fee, it would be merely for administration of supplies that you would take up in the process of the counseling.

What this means is that through nonprofit credit advise you would not be charged for the service or the counselor, rather paper, and or any other supplies that were used in the counseling of your case.

Nonprofit counseling is exactly what it sounds like, nonprofit referring to the lack of payment that the counselor would receive. This is due to the fact that an organization rather than a business or financial institution generally runs nonprofit credit counseling.

When you go to larger firms, chances are you will be asked for a fee of somewhere in the lines of $1,000.00 to start the process. This is pretty much a major detent for many people seeking honest and fair advise.

The fact remains, that many people do not have the large sum to pay off their debt, let alone pay a credit counselor for their services. This is why nonprofit counseling has become so popular over the last decade, as many people try to re-establish their credit and pay what they owe. In this day and age, with credit being a very large factor in life it is only sensible for you to ensure that you have your credit in check. Check out non profit credit counseling today and get yourself back on the right track with your finances.

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